Social Pioneering: Establishing Activist Communities in the Periphery

Tikkun’s Vision:

Israeli society interwoven with circles of partnership, responsibility and social justice

About Tikkun:

“Tikkun – A Centre for Gathering, Education and Social Change” (Registered NGO 580334779) builds activist communities and educational social justice projects in the socio-economic and geographic periphery of Israel. Since being founded in 1999 by graduates of the youth movement “Ha’Machanot-Ha’Olim“, we have created five activist kibbutz communities nationwide, in: Migdal Ha’Emek; Nazareth Illit; the Jordan Valley (Kibbutz Na’aran); the Southern Arava; and Rishon Le’Tzion. Our flagship activist community is Kibbutz Mishol – the biggest urban kibbutz in Israel, with 80 adults and 40 children in Nazareth Illit. Tikkun’s communities build and run educational social justice projects in partnership with our local communities, schools, municipalities and government ministries. Thousands of children, youth and young adults participate in our programs each year.